Awww or Over the Top?

I found this INSANE wedding wedding proposal on YouTube: Biggest Wedding Proposal Ever. Seriously, I kind of think that the guy went a little TOO big on this proposal. I mean, would you want your man to propose to you in front of thousands of strangers putting on a huge show or have a more simple and private proposal? For me personally, I would much rather be proposed to in a more private, simple and romantic manner than to share this moment with thousands of strangers. Though, this is more like something my boyfriend would do…so sweetie, if you’re reading this, remember that I will NOT marry you if you put on a show like this >.< just a friendly reminder, hehe:p

With all that said, this proposal is probably as unique as you will ever find! I mean honestly, how many proposals do you know of that has a huge crowd of people performing just for your special moment? This really is one lucky girl:)


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