Wedding Ring Tattos

Thinking of do something totally unique for your wedding bands? What about making it more personal (and permanent) by getting matching wedding band tattoos around your fingers! Seriously, they’re becoming more and more popular and you don’t even have to worry about ever losing your wedding ring! You can also customize it in anyway you would like. The only down side to it is that it’s a tattoo, meaning it’s going to be pretty permanent. Hence, if you’re sure that you guys are going to be together for quite awhile, it might be a nice idea:)

Tattoo Wedding Ring


2 thoughts on “Wedding Ring Tattos

  1. I would like to tattoo something after my wedding, small and cute, but I’m afraid that if I place it on a visible part of my skin (I don’t want to hide it), it will be seen negative in my job, as I’m going to be a vet… (lot of client, surgery,…)
    😦 should I or should I not?

    • Hmm, that’s a good point. I suggest you talking to your local vet and asking them and their clients for their opinion:) Also, try googling other’s opinions about this. I’m sure there have been plenty of people put in this same dilema in the past:)

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