Nice Guys DO Exist If You Look Hard Enough

To counter all the negativity about guys in the post yesterday, here’s a list of traits that you should look at to find your REAL perfect prince charming 🙂 Don’t worry, despite everything, nice, caring guys actually DO exist ^_^

You want a guy who…

Says, “You’re beautiful.”
Is never too busy to drive across town to see you.
Gives you flowers and a card when you’re sick.
Gives you flowers just because.
Says he’ll would die for you…
And really would.
Says, “Sex CAN wait.”
Did what you wanted to do.
Cried in front of you.
You cried in front of.
Holds hands with you.
Kisses you with meaning.
Hugs you when you’re sad.
Hugs you for no reason at all.
Kisses you on the forehead.
Would give his jacket up for you.
Opens the door for you.
Calls to make sure you got home safe.
Would sit and wait for you for hours…
just to see you for ten minutes
Would give his seat up.
Just want to cuddle.
Reassured you that you’re beautiful no matter what.
Told his secrets to you.
Tried to show how much he cared through every word and every breath.
Thought maybe you could be the one.
Believed in you dreams…
Would have done anything so you could achieve them.
Never laughed at you when you told him your dreams.
Walked you to your car.
Opens your car door for you.
Gave his heart to you.
Prays that you’re happy even if he’s are not with you.
Plays with you hair until you fell asleep.

You want a nice guy ^_^ ❤

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