Extreme Themed Weddings

Sure, many couples have little “themed” and “color themed” wedding. Like they would have purple and white as their main colors and everything in their wedding and reception are decorated with that color scheme. However, have you ever thought about taking it up a noch? Young couples getting married today are taking a traditional wedding into a whole different twist. Some go all out and have Star War themed weddings where the bride dresses up as Princess Leia, the groom as Han Solo, and the officiator is dressed as Darth Vader. Too much?

But this is becoming more and more “normal.” Young couples today are getting tired of the usual wedding traditions and are adding their own twists and personal aspects into their wedding to make it, well, more intimate and more them! Traditions are meant to be passed down from generation to generation, yes, but they’re also meant to be modified, changed, to fit the current society and culture! As the centuries go by, the human kind changes, their values and morals changes, it’s NATURAL. Hence, why stick with the original tradition if you are changing and that the traditions in the past don’t fit you anymore? Think about it, if humans didn’t change and evolve to grow and adapt, then would we be here with our advance technology and science today?

So if you’re having doubts about having the kind of wedding that you want because you’re afraid of what your mom, grandma, friends might say, don’t worry about it! It’s your wedding and if you want a Harry Potter themed wedding then go for it! Remember, humans grow and develop rapidly, their morals change from generation to generations. That’s normal. If anyone is telling you otherwise, well, don’t listen to them and just don’t invite them to you wedding 😛



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