Writing Your Wedding Vows

Writing Your Wedding Vows

Writing wedding vows can be a challenge but the reward is intimate, personal wedding vows that turn a predictable wedding ceremony into a customized celebration of a couple’s love.
write-your-own-wedding-vowsWhy Write Your Own Vows?Couples may choose to write their own wedding vows for a number of reasons. For some couples, the opportunity to write vows rather than simply recite traditional wedding vows is a way to personalize the wedding ceremony and express feelings that may not be adequately rendered in formulaic vows. If a couple does not practice a particular religion, or if the bride and groom are of different faiths, writing vows can help them incorporate their own spiritualism into the ceremony. For many couples, however, the attraction of writing wedding vows is simply because they wish their ceremony to be as unique and timeless as their relationship, and personal vows can help it become so.Finding InspirationA couple will exchange their wedding vows in front of dozens or hundreds of family members, friends,wedding gowns online, and acquaintances, some of whom may initially be strangers as the families come together for the first time. This can be intimidating for some brides and grooms, particularly if they are not comfortable with public speaking. Finding the proper inspiration and motivation to write their vows can help make the words flow more naturally, and an inspired writer is one who will write from the heart.
Writing-Your-Own-Wedding-VowsCouples can find inspiration for their vows in many places, such as:Poetry or music, particularly love songsTraditional vows or other romantic ceremoniesRomantic moments from their relationshipRomantic moments from favorite moviesThe best inspiration, however, comes from the heart. Thinking about the soon-to-be-spouse – that first attraction, first kiss, the first flutter of love – can offer plenty of inspiration to create the perfect wedding vows.What to Leave OutSeveral types of sentiments, while they may help make the service memorable, are nevertheless inappropriate for wedding vows.

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