Italian Wedding Traditional Culture

Italian Wedding Traditional Culture

Cultures around the world have very interesting traditions of the wedding,Dresses Boutiques. Made personal and social events are more colorful and memorable. The Italians have their special wedding traditions.



The commitment is determined, began to prepare for the wedding, decorate Bridal, such as the issue of the acquisition of furniture and all kinds of everyday, invitations, wedding book place, wedding preparation, etc..Once finish, instead of a wedding, the moment will come. Both sexes, to negotiate, optional. The Italian wedding almost held in spring and autumn, usually in March, April, July, September, October for more.Since the spring flowers, a pleasant climate, especially in March and April is Easter, Easter is married in the meantime, full of vitality in the Festival, young men and women more.



In contrast to Western culture, in which, bridal showers are organized, it is practiced in Italy not before the wedding. Wearing green gowns, it is assumed that to bring luck and wealth for the pair. The months of May and August are avoided when it comes to weddings. May is the month in which Maria August is mother during the month than bad luck.

On the day of the wedding, a piece of iron as TOC Ferro brings the groom with him (placed in his pocket). It is believed to prevent what they call evil eye. This tradition comes from the belief that other people or evil spirits can destroy his luck. As for the bride, much like in other cultures, she wears a veil, to hide from evil spirits. It has also not all wearing jewelry made of gold, because it is

thought to bring bad luck.

At the end of the wedding the couple take a glass and more pieces of glass, her future life will be more happier. Then, the best man is alcohol to guests to serve, and it is strong and sweet all toast the couple 100 years of togetherness. The bride is also a bag, where guests can place money or gifts. For the food industry they serve, what they a wedding soup call. If you are invited to an Italian wedding, not careful, for this interesting traditions. Have fun and celebrate with them.


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