DIY Wedding :)

If you’re planning on a budget, or you just want to be creative, here’s quite a few creative Do It Yourself Wedding Projects that you can do to both save you money and impress your guests. Everything idea on this page is simple and easy to do. There are ideas for just about every single aspect of your wedding here, from flower arrangements to invitations. It has ideas for just about every single theme possible! You’re sure to find an idea here:) I mean seriously, there’s like 89 pages of articles dedicated to different DIY projects!

Reasons why you should consider incorporating some do-it-yourself projects into your wedding:

  1. It adds a personal flare to your big day.
  2. It’s fun!
  3. A way to bound with your friends and family if you have them help.
  4. To impress your guests.
  5. It will you a TON of money!

So think about it. Add a little bit of you to your wedding decor. Just have fun with it!