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You’re Getting Married? Congrats….?

You’re about to marry your prince charming, ready to spend the rest of your life with this one person. Wait, hold up, WHAT? Seriously? Are you sure about this? I mean, guys in general have a very homogenous nature programmed into them. So what makes you think he’s so different from all those other guys? Most guys have a super sweet way with words, saying everything that you want to hear, making you feel so special. That’s all bullshit. Guys are all inconsiderate, insensitive, jerks. If you meet one who’s not like that, then most likely he’s just lying through his teeth. If a guy tells you how much he loves you but always ignores you whenever his friends and business partners are around, HE’S LYING. If a guy holds you warm in his arms and tells you he would do anything to protect you, but he doesn’t do anything when he saw your computer get smashed by your next door neighbor or doesn’t act when you get sexually harassed at work because he thinks will damage his own company’s reputation, HE’S LYING. He’ll always have some excuse (or in his words, “justifications”) for why he never acted, but don’t believe him. He’s just going to keep doing this, having a very good excuse every single time he needed him but he wasn’t there.

He’s going to tell you that you’re special, that you’re the one for him, and everything else to make your heart melt. He says all this just to use you, to make you give up your own career, your own ambitions just so you can focus on taking care of him and helping his and company grow. While he’s on this numerous business trips, he’s out partying, drinking, fooling around, and who knows doing what else with other girls. You’ve caught him cheating once or twice but he’s always so apologetic and seems sincerely guilty. You sort of forgive him but you never forget about the hurt nor can you fully trust him again.

While he’s so sweet telling you everything that you want to hear, he also hurts you often. Sometimes without realizing it, other times were purposefully verbal and physical abuse. If you almost died from him losing his temper and then holding you on the floor with his hands firmly pressed against your neck, choking you, HE’S A FAKE. If his hand suddenly flies out in the car and lands on your arm with an ear-shattering loud “SMACK” just because you got confused looking at the map and gave him the wrong directions, HE’S A FAKE. If the two of you then make up less than a day later after each accident and he’s extra nice to you in the days following, DON’T BELIEVE HIM. You’re just going to get hurt again, over and over…

Be careful with who you fall in love with. It could turn into your fairytale or it could turn into your personal living hell.